On 12 December 2015 in Paris, France, almost 200 governments agreed on the first ever universal, legally-binding deal on climate change. The historic Paris Agreement sets out an action plan to limit global warming to less than 2 °C above the temperature of pre-industrial times as scientists around the world agreed that this would significantly reduce risks and impacts of climate change. Besides, The 2030 climate and energy framework includes EU-wide targets and policy objectives for the period from 2021 to 2030. Considering all this scientific research, we have realised that our students, teachers and staff participating project have lack of information on climate change so we thought that the time had come to tackle climate change and determined six main themes ( chemical products, green house emmision, deforestration, air pollution ,drought and flood ) on Effects on Climate Change. Our students will achieve personal and general goals to achieve a sustainable and eco friendly project.



This is a project to share ideas and strategies to stop bullying and discrimination of any kind including online and social media issues.
We aim to share the different strategies used in other countries and evaluate which are the most successful.
We hope we can learn to abolish stereotyping through the use of e twinning and support our students to stand up to bullies and build emotional resilience.



“RACe for humanISM” is a strategical school partnership project among the schools of Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Turkey. The project aims to reduce the negative thoughts of the students from the different backgrounds and identities of the students who study in the partner schools.


European Day of Languages


Schools taking part in the project prepare letters in English and native language. In the letter students introduce themselves and give some everyday expressions in both languages.


Inspired by Nature

Through various activities students will answer the question how homemade face cream can help saving our planet.T he project’s goal is awareness of responsibility for their own health (choosing organic ingredients) and environment (reducing carbon footprint).Sustainable values are going to be disseminated through a workshop of making natural cosmetics, presentations of beneficial properties of local herbs, researching about harmful chemicals and additives, decorating, writing and painting inspired by nature, promoting low impact living, planting a tree ….etc.


Power of Youth

“Power of Youth” is a project set up to inspire young people to become aware of global problems and equipped to solve them by thinking as entrepreneurs and acting as social change agents.♻
This project will empower them to drive a change in order to shape future according to their needs having in mind sustainable development goals.