“Healthy Snacks for Healthy Life”

O projeto eTwinning ” Healthy Snacks for Healthy Life” iniciou no mês de outubro e decorrerá ao longo do ano letivo, tendo com parceiros Portugal, Espanha e Croácia. Uma turma de 8ºano e outra do 9º representam a equipa portuguesa. Com este projeto pretende-se comparar os hábitos alimentares dos alunos de diferentes partes da Europa e encorajá-los a comer comida saudável de forma a serem e manterem-se saudáveis. O projeto foca-se em manter um estilo de vida saudável, aprendendo sobre comida saudável, uma dieta equilibrada, fazendo mais exercício e praticando desporto.

Os parceiros trocarão ideias e experiências, tentando implementar novos hábitos alimentares nas suas vidas.

Serão trocadas receitas de snacks saudáveis e falar-se-á  de pequenos almoços, almoços e jantares saudáveis. Sendo um projeto interdisciplinar estão envolvidas as áreas disciplinares de Inglês, Educação Física e Ciências Naturais, entre outras.


“Am I Financial Literate?”

“Am I Financial Literate?” é um dos projetos eTwinning em que o nosso Agrupamento participa com uma turma de 8ºano e respetivo conselho de turma, nomeadamente no âmbito das áreas curriculares disciplinares de Cidadania & Desenvolvimento, Inglês, História, Tecnologias / Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação e Educação Visual e Matemática. É necessário acompanhar os assuntos financeiros e a literacia financeira proporciona aos alunos os princípios para a gestão do dinheiro: orçamento, poupança, investimento, divida; princípios estes que preparam os alunos para o futuro e desenvolvem a sua autoconfiança e conhecimento relativamente a questões financeiras.

Roménia, Itália, Turquia, Alemanha, Polónia, Lituânia, Espanha, Croácia e Estónia são os parceiros de Portugal, contando o projeto com a participação de 160 alunos. 

Competências como o espírito de colaboração, o pensamento crítico, a criatividade, a comunicação e a linguística serão trabalhadas ao longo do projeto.

“The Green Effect”

O projeto eTwinning “The Green Effect” iniciou em outubro e decorrerá até maio, sendo desenvolvido no nosso Agrupamento por uma turma de 8ºano e respetivo conselho de turma, nomeadamente no âmbito das áreas curriculares disciplinares de Cidadania e Desenvolvimento, Inglês, Ciências Naturais, Educação Visual, TIC e Tecnologias.  Um projeto que tem como finalidade alertar consciências para a necessidade urgente de fazer face à crise climática. Os alunos trabalharão situações problema/solução no que diz respeito ao Ambiente, focando nos Objetivos do Desenvolvimento Sustentável. Os alunos terão a oportunidade de desenvolver a competência escrita e oral a Inglês, bem como competências digitais, sociais e de desenvolvimento crítico. 

Portugal tem como parceiros a Itália, a Espanha, a Turquia e a Grécia, contando o projeto com uma participação de 98 alunos.

Stop the Change Save the Planet 

Climate change is the fearful fact of our lives. If the necessary precautions aren’t taken, we all face with this dreadful scenario.To stop this going, you need to take the first step as an active citizen.
Join us on this Project and help us to STOP the change SAVE the planet!

Students will raise awareness on environmental issues; develop critical thinking; become an active citizen; organize and conduct common work in international team;  share ideas; be creative; build environmental conscious; offer solution to such an environmental issue; act like a responsible 21st century citizen.


The purpose of the project is to create and develop an awareness of the students who live in rural areas about places such as famous libraries, museums, historical places in their own countries and across the world by the help of using web-2 tools and 3D virtual tours. The basic logic behind the project is that it is really hard to go and visit the aforementioned places for the students who live in rural areas in terms of both their financial budget and the time. So the project is planned for them to reach these places by just a few clicks. They will learn and present some facts about these places by using web-2 tools and have the chance to visit the places by virtual tours.


The effects occurring due to weather events in any part of the earth based on the average of many years is called climate. Earth’s climate is affected from many factors, ranging from the amount of energy coming from the sun, to the amount of greenhouse gases and aerosols in the atmosphere, and also the features of the earth that determine how much solar energy will be retained or reflected. Climate change as of today affects every phase of our lives, including physical and natural environment, urban life, development and economy, technology, human rights, agriculture and food, clean water and health, and obliges governments to increase their efforts to solve these issues. With our project it is expected to raise awareness among our students about climate change and inspire them to be more sensitive and to be able to produce solutions.

Our students are expected to take responsibility in the project, to be in a questioning, researching, analysing, decision-making spirit in individual, small group or team works, and to present the activities and products included in the project calendar.

NEW LITERATES OF 21st CENTURY (Prémio Nacional 2021 – Categoria: Tema do Ano)

In this Project students will both discuss the changes in education and discuss the new skiils that came to surface like Media literacy skill. They will also talk about and examplify the changing terms-discuss their effects-examplify the materials that can be used on online lessons-prepare an education magazine together with creative collabarative works.

Students will do a research on the term “new phase in education”. With Covid-19 period, everything including education system has to change. As we all experienced, technology is in our lives now more than ever.We get benefit from it in every phase of life. Even in education. So,what is this change we are talking about?

Students will use lots of 21st century skills like gathering information-analyzing and criticizing etc. the most important of all, they will learn Media Literacy and Disinformation terms and practice how to be literates of these two new skills.

Let’s Improve our Foreign Language While Learning about Biodiversity

A project to encourage speaking a foreign language, especially English, and to teach students to recognize and respect different cultures while doing so. Biodiversity, its importance and what kind of studies are done in our countries will be among our topics. Meanwhile, we also aim for our students to learn to use web 2.0 tools and applications such as Wakalet, padlet, storyjumper, canva.

Students will make new friends and fulfill their duties, and have many opportunities for foreign language (mostly English) practices; awareness will be raised; they will be effective web 2.0 tool users; their self-confidence will develop and they will socialize.


“Power of Youth” is a project set up to inspire young people to become aware of global problems and equipped to solve them by thinking as entrepreneurs and acting as social change agents. This project will empower them to drive a change in order to shape future according to their needs having in mind sustainable development goals.



On 12 December 2015 in Paris, France, almost 200 governments agreed on the first ever universal, legally-binding deal on climate change. The historic Paris Agreement sets out an action plan to limit global warming to less than 2 °C above the temperature of pre-industrial times as scientists around the world agreed that this would significantly reduce risks and impacts of climate change. Besides, The 2030 climate and energy framework includes EU-wide targets and policy objectives for the period from 2021 to 2030. Considering all this scientific research, we have realised that our students, teachers and staff participating project have lack of information on climate change so we thought that the time had come to tackle climate change and determined six main themes ( chemical products, green house emmision, deforestration, air pollution ,drought and flood ) on Effects on Climate Change. Our students will achieve personal and general goals to achieve a sustainable and eco friendly project.


This is a project to share ideas and strategies to stop bullying and discrimination of any kind including online and social media issues. We aim to share the different strategies used in other countries and evaluate which are the most successful. We hope we can learn to abolish stereotyping through the use of e twinning and support our students to stand up to bullies and build emotional resilience.


O projeto eTwinning “We make the news” iniciou em dezembro e decorrerá até maio, sendo desenvolvido no nosso Agrupamento pela turma do 9ºA, no âmbito das áreas curriculares disciplinares de Cidadania e Desenvolvimento, Inglês, Educação Visual, História (Parlamento Europeu dos jovens) e Português.

 Este projeto destina-se a promover a consciencialização dos alunos sobre os efeitos dos meios de comunicação social e permitir que os alunos tenham um comportamento cívico e ativo no acesso às redes sociais; pretende-se ainda que sejam capazes de distinguir notícias reais e falsas. Os alunos serão ainda solicitados a fazer as notícias e espalhá-las em segurança.

Os alunos terão a oportunidade de desenvolver a competência escrita e oral a Inglês, bem como competências digitais, sociais e de desenvolvimento crítico.

Portugal tem como parceiros a Turquia, Itália, Albânia e a França, contando o projeto com uma participação de 175 alunos.


O projeto eTwinning “My town in figures” iniciou em dezembro e decorrerá até maio, sendo desenvolvido no nosso Agrupamento pela turma do 11ºano – curso Profissional Técnico de Juventude, no âmbito das áreas curriculares disciplinares de Inglês e Matemática

 Este projeto destina-se a estudantes com idades compreendidas entre os 12 e os 16 anos e consiste em escrever uma revista e um questionário final com base em cálculos de matemática. Como complemento à revista, os alunos farão um relato em vídeo sobre as suas cidades No final, todos os participantes envolvidos poderão conectar-se através da eTwinning para partilhar os seus projetos e experiências, bem como conhecer-se virtualmente através desta plataforma.

Os alunos terão a oportunidade de desenvolver a competência escrita e oral a Inglês, bem como competências digitais, sociais e de desenvolvimento crítico, bem como trabalhar competências ao nível da disciplina de matemática.

Portugal tem como parceiros a Itália, a Roménia, Lituânia e a Sérvia, contando o projeto com uma participação de 95 alunos.


“RACe for humanISM” is a strategical school partnership project among the schools of Italy, Portugal, Romania, Spain, and Turkey. The project aims to reduce the negative thoughts of the students from the different backgrounds and identities of the students who study in the partner schools.


Schools taking part in the project prepare letters in English and native language. In the letter students introduce themselves and give some everyday expressions in both languages.


Through various activities students will answer the question how homemade face cream can help saving our planet.T he project’s goal is awareness of responsibility for their own health (choosing organic ingredients) and environment (reducing carbon footprint).Sustainable values are going to be disseminated through a workshop of making natural cosmetics, presentations of beneficial properties of local herbs, researching about harmful chemicals and additives, decorating, writing and painting inspired by nature, promoting low impact living, planting a tree ….etc.

Xmas postcards around Europe

Sending XMas cards to each other with “Merry Christmas” in mother tongue. Students write about a typical XMAs tradition or simply some greetings or wishes in English. All the postcards will be displayed in the school buildings. Teachers upload photos in the end of the project.

Students become aware of cultural diversity and English as a world language.
They also learn about different christmas customs.
Furthermore they develop a positive attitude towards other cultures and foreign languages and improve their writing skills.

Let’s Come Together

Students will present themselves and their environment. At the same time they will “meet” new friends. They will find out information about their appearance, their hobbies, their daily life, their goals. They will get to know what their schools , their cities, their countries are like. They will deduce if their diet, their traditions and their festivities have similarities.

Students will practise reading and writing skills in English in a realistic environment;  improve ICT skills; expand geographical knowledge; search for, gather and evaluate information;  present, interact with others and share ideas in a respectful and sensitive way;  be engaged in their own learning and have fun.

Teens and Eating Habits

Students will focus their attention on their favourite food and drinks and their eating habits; then they will be guided to understand the importance of a balanced diet and of sport in their everyday lives. We also desire to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and active citizenship. They will improve their linguistic and digital competences as well. Learning to learn will be our main aim. All the activities will be mainly in groups and using a learning by doing approach. Our aim is to give students the tools they need to improve their competences. Parents will be actively involved in the project and dissemination will play an important role in the project.

Vocabulary exercises Worldwide

This is a project about sharing ideas and examples of vocabulary exercises.

Sometimes teaching vocabulary seems hard because we don’t know where to start. this gives studends boredoom. thats why we try to build a vocabulary exercises treasury to help students and teachers.

This project aims to exchange practical vocabulary teaching and learning activities used in the classroom. so to strengthen teaching vocabulary in the class and helping other partners with the same topic.

WhatsApp to Email Pals

To create WhatsApp groups with students from different classes of both countries – international teams. The first part of the project will aim to get students to know one another introducing themselves (being pals), communicating in order to enhance their linguistic abilities and empowering communication skills. They will also write about themselves on a Twinboard. When they already know each other, four international groups/teams are formed to work on issues integrated in the curriculum: Lifestyles (balanced diet and sport); Future Careers; Environment; Volunteering; Statistics.

The works on these issues are to be done by groups of pupils of the different schools (mixed nationality teams) since different cultures may have different points of view and pupils will learn how to listen, accept, discuss and come to an agreement in a collaborative work.

As a start they’ll communicate by WhatsApp and mail. Then they can use many different tools.

Why should people visit your town?

Students will do a travel project in which they will present to a potential visitor the main touristic attractions of their city. The touristic presentation must be organized so that, in a single weekend, you could visit all objectives.

Pupils become aware of the local touristic attractions and the different places, cultures of Europe; They’ll establish good relationships between our schools for further cooperation.