As a result of the observations and researches we have made in the common schools, we have found that xenophobia and racial discrimination among our students is a big problem.
Also; students see the people from different backgrounds and identities as potential enemies because of their differences, and racism becomes a threat among them. So this harms the European Union integration project that the European Union is trying to create to globalize and respect for differences. Considering the recent increase in refugees in European countries, it was inevitable to address the school’s impact on racism.
Our main goal in writing this project in the light of all these researches and observations is; to reduce the negative thoughts of the students from the different backgrounds and identities of the students who study in the partner schools.
Our special goals are;
a) To make students aware that all individuals may be different,
b) To reduce the influence of media and social media on students.
c) Providing cultural fusion by breaking prejudices among children,
d) To teach the students the basic elements of different beliefs,
e) Adopting the importance of respecting individual differences on ensuring peace in the society for the students, their parents and teachers.

With a seminar and 6 transnational meetings there will be 7 mobilities. Mostly 3 teachers and 3 students will attend the meetings. One of the students will be disadvantaged. Students will be selected on a voluntary basis. Gender balance will be provided among the students.

The teachers will be volunteer teachers who take responsibility throughout the project, follow the activities closely and contribute to the project. They also need to know enough English to communicate.
“Seminar on Awareness of Differences” will be given to participants in the presence of an instructor.
Thus, in the first place, trainers and the students will be aware of differences.
– Photographs by our Italian partner will be sent to all partner schools and teachers will ask for students’ interpretation to show them that each individual can think and be different.
Students will prepare a film to show the problems caused by prejudice against different cultures. Artistic activities reflecting cultural items will be prepared and exhibited. A folk dance, a traditional song will be performed and a traditional meal will be introduced by each country.
Each country will write a traditional tale of their own culture in English with the drawings of students.
A traditional arts exhibition will be prepared to show traditional products of each country in the field of literature, painting and handcrafts.
The video work will be done on the negative effects of media and social media.
The places of worship will be visited and short conversations will be held with the religious leaders in the mobilities for respect and awareness of different beliefs.
The project corners will have three words from the partner country languages and this will be updated every month to support language dicersity.